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Here’s a great example of hypocrisy.  The Mexican Foreign Ministry is throwing a hissy fit over Texas Governor Rick Perry’s  supposed “militarization” of the border by his deploying the National Guard there.   And yet, as I’ve documented in a previous article, the Mexican side of the border is already militarized, by the Mexican military! […]

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Allan on June 19th, 2014

It looks like Iraq is breaking up.   Either Iraq breaks up, or it takes a lot of force to keep it together. I served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005, with the Texas Army National Guard.  I befriended some Iraqis over there.   How are  they are doing now? The Iraq situation […]

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Should service in the military put an immigrant—even an illegal alien—on the fast track to citizenship?   Shouldn’t those who serve be rewarded? As a veteran myself, I honor all veterans for their service and wish them well. I believe that our government must do right by them. However, we shouldn’t confuse these issues. Citizenship and immigration policy should […]

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