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Contrary to what the Mainstream Media tells us, this election is not yet over. In fact, the Mainstream Media folks are not the constitutionally-authorized officials to declare the winner of elections, although apparently they think they are. And they constantly assure us that the Trump camp’s accusations of vote fraud are “baseless”. Is that true? […]

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The Mainstream Media has declared Biden the winner. But Trump is still contesting the election. The Mainstream Media says there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud. But are they even investigating? There are actually a lot of things that might indicate voter fraud. But the Mainstream Media folks are not trying to disprove the accusations, […]

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Allan on October 29th, 2020

There was a Donald Trump rally in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 27th, and I was there. It was great. After the rally, however, something occurred which the Mainstream Media was glad to publicize. And I was an unwitting part of it. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published October […]

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The Donald Trump Re-Election Campaign has a difficult path ahead of it. Trump’s recent Tulsa Rally was dismissed as a failure in the Mainstream Media and some Republicans. It’s true that fewer attended than predicted, but the rally itself was a success, and Trump’s speech provides themes that should be emphasized in the campaign. For […]

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Allan on June 23rd, 2020

Trump kicked off his post-COVID-19 campaign season on June 20th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a rally. I attended, and it was a good one. In fact, if Trump would just use themes in his Tulsa speech in his campaign, it would really help. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published June […]

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Allan on December 28th, 2019

Tanton fought to reduce immigration levels and formed and funded several organizations which continue to fight that fight. Of course, Tanton was excoriated during life and after his death by the Mainstream Media, which supports mass immigration. But if you think about it, even the attacks on Tanton were backhanded compliments. John Tanton was a […]

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The Mainstream Media (see New York Times and Washington Post) say the immigration enforcement raids are sowing fear among immigrants. By “immigrants”  they mean  illegal aliens and their families. So what’s wrong with that?  Shouldn’t they be afraid?   Is the law finally being enforced? For the entire article, click here. Article published February 26th, […]

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An Associated Press article goes on and on about Donald Trump and the “Mexican judge”, but it fails to mention several very pertinent details.   That’s not surprising for the Mainstream Media. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published July 2nd, 2018, on News with Views.

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Allan on March 26th, 2016

Mexico has been meddling in U.S. immigration policies for years, and our politicians don’t seem to care about it. But the Mexican government’s latest scheme has actually gotten the attention of some Mainstream Media outlets.  Could this be made into a campaign issue?  One can hope. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan […]

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Media Matters is a left-wing attack group, which usually attacks conservatives.    Recently though, a Media Matters article appeared attacking Mainstream Media Sunday morning  news shows.   Why is that? Seven of the shows it criticized were English-language shows, while two were Spanish-language programs. And that leads us to another question, what’s with this massive […]

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