Is it right for students in a Spanish-language class in the U.S. to be required to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance and national anthem?      That’s what occurred last month in Texas, and it was defended by the school administration.

 The incident  took place in the “Achieve Early College High School”, located in McAllen, Texas, which lies just a few miles from the Mexican border.    The “Achieve Early College High School” is a type of high school which also offers college credit- the goal is to graduate from high school with an Associate’s degree. 
 In this intermediate Spanish class, taught by Mexican-raised Reyna Santos,  students were required to memorize the Mexican national anthem and the Mexican pledge of allegiance and to recite  them in  class.  
One student,  15-year old Brenda Brinsdon, refused to do it.   Why?  As she explained,    “I just thought it was out of hand, I didn’t think it was right.  Reciting pledges to Mexico and being loyal to it has nothing to do with learning Spanish.” 

What should we make of this?    Was  Miss Brinsdon   making a mountain out of a molehill?  Was it really just an exercise to study another culture?  What’s the big picture here?
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Article  by Allan Wall,  published  October 28th, 2011, on VDARE.COM.

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