The first Republican debate of the 2024 election was held on August 23. The event featured eight candidates: Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Asa Hutchinson, and Doug Burgum. The front runner, Donald Trump, chose not to attend. Click here to read the entire blog entry, which was written […]

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The Biden administration is managing an illegal invasion of the United States, bringing in millions of unvetted foreigners in order to transform the country. Is there anything the House of Representatives can do to improve the border situation? What about Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy? What could he do about the border? If we […]

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The latest Said in Spanish installment has nine stories: 1. Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena visits Washington, D.C. 2. What the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Said 3. Mexican Presidential Candidate in New York City 4. In Mexico, 6 million migrants thus far in 2023 5. U.S. Donates Vehicles to Mexico 6. Nine-Year Old Girl Rescued […]

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For the state of Oklahoma, the McGirt Fiasco continues.  In June, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the city of Tulsa on the issue of a speeding ticket issued to a motorist who turned out to be a Choctaw Indian in what is supposedly a Creek Indian reservation. On August 4th, the Supreme […]

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Allan on August 11th, 2023

A new law, SB 1718/Chapter No. 2023-40, took effect in Florida on July 1st. This law clamps down on illegal immigration by, among other things, requiring all businesses employing 25 or more workers to use E-Verify to confirm that an employee is legal to work. The New York Times sent Miriam Jordan to the Sunshine State to see what’s going […]

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Remember how the Washington Redskins lost their team name and are now called the “Commanders”?  There’s a movement to bring back the Redskins name. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published August 10th, 2023, on VDARE.COM.

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Allan on August 9th, 2023

I did a survey of Mexican commercials of 2023, and the race of those portrayed in the commercials. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published August 7th, 2023, on VDARE.COM. NOTE: In the photo at the top of the article (from an ad) it says “Mexicans?” This does not really make […]

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A college soccer player was forced off the team after she refused to kneel before a game.  Now she’s receiving 100,000 dollars. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published August 7th, 2023, on VDARE.COM.

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“Our approach to managing the borders securely and humanely even within our fundamentally broken immigration system is working. Unlawful entries between ports of entry along the southwest border have consistently decreased by more than half compared to the peak before the end of Title 42.” Thus proclaimed Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland […]

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