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Allan on November 19th, 2018

The Honduran “caravan” has arrived to Tijuana, a Mexico city on the border, across from San Diego. And there have been protests, as many Tijuana residents oppose the presence of the Hondurans, who, they fear, will wind up staying in Tijuana. So what should the United States do?  Why won’t we really secure our border?  […]

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Allan on November 5th, 2018

Mid-terms are scheduled for November 6th.  It’s time to get out and vote for Republican candidates for Congress.   If you support Donald Trump’s agenda, you need to vote for Republicans in Congress to help President Trump. Vote GOP on November 6th! For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published November 2nd on […]

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Allan on November 4th, 2018

On November 1st, President Trump delivered a speech in Missouri at the Columbia Regional Airport near Columbia, Missouri. I was in attendance at this rally, which was held in and in front of a hangar.   It was another great Trump speech. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published […]

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On October 27th, President Donald Trump addressed the final session of the National FFA Convention in the city of Indianapolis.   It was a good speech and well-received by the audience.   I was part of the audience and my younger son was actually onstage with President Trump. For the entire blog entry, click, here. Blog entry […]

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Our nation has an insane citizenship policy in which children born to illegal aliens are automatically considered as citizens of the United States of America.   It’s a bad policy and must be changed. Is Trump about to move to change it? For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published October […]

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Allan on October 16th, 2018

On October 6th, I attended a Trump rally in Topeka Kansas, and I actually got in this time!   It was great!   And hopefully it will help the GOP in mid-terms, which are getting closer by the day. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published October 16th, 2018, VDARE.COM.

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Allan on October 6th, 2018

On September 21st some of us went to Springfield, Missouri to attend a Donald Trump rally. There were so many people, we didn’t get in, except for my elder son, who was able to get in.   But it was still interesting. Trump has a great connection with middle Americans.  Hopefully that connection can yield  some […]

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Allan on August 26th, 2018

On July 1st, the winner of the Mexican presidential election was Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known by the acronym AMLO, formed by his four initials. AMLO is scheduled to take office on December 1st. How will AMLO get along with U.S. President Donald Trump?  That’s an interesting question. Since AMLO won, things have gone well.  […]

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The Washington Times reports more evidence of how untrustworthy American voter registration is, with an article entitled Noncitizens across U.S. find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots. Why can’t we emulate Mexico’s voter registration system? For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published August 3rd, 2018, on VDARE.COM.

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Life gets complicated. But sometimes you’ve got to make it simpler. Sometimes you’ve got to get back to the basics, to the fundamentals. Sometimes you’ve got to get right down and explain the basics to people. Sometimes you have to restate the obvious. That’s exactly what President Trump did in this short little speech delivered […]

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