In Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the early hours of April 6th,  two men, Jacob England and Alvin Watts, entered a predominantly black neighborhood and started shooting people.   They shot 5 black people, 3 of whom died.

Police arrested the perpetrators two days later.  They confessed and were charged with three counts of first degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

It looks like an  open and shut case.  These guys look guilty as sin and if convicted  could get the death penalty.

The way the case is being spun by the Main Stream Media and exploited by the usual suspects is, however, quite telling.

It raises the question – in today’s America  is it worse to be a murderer or a “racist”?    And who defines the term “racist”?

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Article by Allan Wall, published on VDARE.COM on April 28th, 2012.

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