Allan on March 3rd, 2015

President Obama went to Miami to speak to a “town hall”.   This “town hall” wasn’t open to the general public but to a select audience of amnesty-boosters. Obama defended his unilateral amnesty, bashed the Republicans and reassured illegal aliens that he is on their side. Where is the GOP?  Why aren’t Republicans calling Obama […]

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Eduardo Medina Mora is Mexico’s Ambassador to the United States and Carlos Sada is Mexico’s Consul General in Los Angeles.  That makes Medina Mora Mexico’s #1 official in the U.S. and Carlos Sada #2. Both these diplomats spoke in Mexico at the Mexico in the World Forum (hosted by the Mexican Senate) and both expressed […]

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The biggest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States is La Opinión, based in Los Angeles, and currently owned by the Argentine newspaper La Nación. La Opinión has been going ballistic over the Hanen ruling.  On the 17th of February it published an editorial on the decision.  Its over-the-top rhetoric illustrates the mentality of Hispanic activists who will be […]

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The recent injunction handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen to at least delay Obama’s ongoing amnesty was heartening, though it must be followed up by resolve in Congress. The decision was handed down at 10:22 on the night of February 16th.   By the 17th, the very next day, it had already been […]

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The much-ballyhooed opening of U.S.-Cuban relations, announced simultaneously by Barack Obama and Raul Castro in December, haven’t really amounted to much  yet. But  it has  created a stir among Cubans, who fear that regularization of relations might lead to – gasp – Cubans being treated like other immigrants to the United States.   After years of […]

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Allan on February 8th, 2015

Within the next few years, the U.S.-Mexican border may have a very famous world figure crossing it on foot.  Pope Francis himself, the first Latin American pontiff, has expressed a desire to do so. Speaking to reporters on an airplane,  Pope Francis said that   “To enter the United States from the border with Mexico […]

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My family and I recently returned from our annual Christmastime visit to Mexico, and it was a good one. When we lived in Mexico, we would visit the U.S. at Christmastime.   Since we’ve  moved to the U.S.,  we go to Mexico at Christmastime. Millions of Mexicans residing in the U.S. visit Mexico at Christmastime, […]

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The Obama Administration continues with its unilateral illegal alien amnesty, with the full support and cooperation of the Mexican government, and others. The Mexican government  is not just supporting the amnesty verbally.   Mexico is providing documentation to help Mexican illegal aliens remain north of the border.   And nobody in our government, of either major party, […]

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Mexico’s richest man Carlos Slim, now the world’s second richest man and sometimes the world’s richest man, is now the biggest shareholder in the New York Times.  You’d think more would be made of this, but it’s not a big deal in the media. Obviously, the New York Times itself is not going to point […]

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Allan on December 27th, 2014

In 2005, I was deployed to Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard, 36th Infantry Division. Our unit was sent to Iraq two years after the initial invasion. In 2005, the American and coalition troops deployed there were engaged in various aspects of what could be described as occupation duty. Iraq had plenty of violence […]

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