Allan on July 24th, 2014

“Who Would Jesus Deport?” is a question/slogan used in articles, a cartoon, t-shirts and there’s even a Facebook page with that name. The question/slogan “Who Would Jesus Deport?” is derivative of the question/slogan “What Would Jesus Do?” Both questions have the same initials - WWJD. Is it wrong for the United States government to deport illegal […]

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The ongoing, facilitated-by-government illegal alien invasion continues.   But simultaneously  there is growing awareness and more open resistance among ordinary Americans.   Maybe Americans are awakening from their apathetic lethargy?   What our government is doing now in the area of immigration is extreme and harmful. And the illegal alien invasion is no longer just […]

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The invasion of illegal aliens from Central America continues.  It’s a humanitarian disaster and a threat to our national sovereignty.    Obviously, the Obama administration is facilitating it, but where is the GOP?  If the Republican leadership were seriously opposed to this, wouldn’t they be doing more to stop it?   That tells you something. […]

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Soccer’s quadrennial international championship tournament, the World Cup, is drawing to a close. What can be learned from it? For one thing, it shows that nationalism is alive and well.   Soccer fans travel thousands of miles to cheer on their national teams. Some of them wear bright colors of their national flags, or stereotypical […]

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Could the recent Dave Brat congressional victory, and the public opposition to illegal alien-dumping (in Murrieta, California and other places) be evidence that the American nation is finally awakening from its lethargy?    One can hope.  Americans have been apathetic for too long. The Murrieta Americans who are defending their community also face an opposition […]

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Allan on June 9th, 2014

A porous border, besides being a security threat, an economic threat, a political threat and a cultural threat, is also a health threat. That should be obvious. An Arizona TV station recently ran an informative video about the health threat on the border, specifically the Texas border. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog […]

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We’re in an election year, and if you’d like to see how the candidates from your state are looking immigration-wise, Numbers USA has some useful information with which you can compare the candidates’ positions (or as nearly as they can be ascertained, they can be rather slippery). Numbers USA also provides links to the politicians’ […]

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Allan on May 15th, 2014

It’s high time for an immigration shutdown.  And by that I mean a shutdown of legal immigration. Illegal immigration should have been shut down yesterday, that goes without saying.   But if there is any hope to save the historical American nation, a legal immigration shutdown is needed. Can we convince our fellow Americans of this?  We’d […]

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The Ukrainian/Russian  crisis continues, and it  illustrates the power  of ethnic politics.    Ukraine and Russia are both attempting to protect their interests.   And the Ukrainian citizens of Russian ethnicity are  critical players in this drama. Could anything like this happen here in the U.S.A., or is the United States too exceptional for the rules to apply to us? For […]

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Allan on April 8th, 2014

There’s been a dramatic turnaround for the Romeike family, the German homeschoolers the Obama/Holder Administration was fighting to deport. The Supreme Court refused to hear their case on March 3. So it looked like the end.  But the very next day, the Department of Homeland Security granted  the family “indefinite deferred-action status.”    Why did the Obama […]

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