On March 4th, my 17-year old  son David and I attended a Trump support rally (See Attending A Trump Support Rally–It Was Fun, There Were Demonstrators And They Had Interesting Signs ).

Well, on March 25th there was another one at the same location, in front of our state capitol.  David and I went again, along with my other son Raphael (14) and my niece Ginger (17), also an avid Trumpster.

It was fun, although with fewer people there.  It was colder.   Just  as before,  seeing the crowd and meeting people was the high point.

We met a pro-Trump Mexican-born lady there, brandishing a   sign that said “Dios Bendiga U.S.A.” (God bless the U.S.A.)  She was talking about how her mother (a U.S. citizen) watches Univision and is now afraid the  government is going to take away her citizenship.  Well, what do you expect after a steady diet of Univision?

There were a few protesters at the previous rally, but at this one there was only one, a high school student bearing a “Love Trumps Hate” sign.  It wasn’t entirely clear  what sort of  love was supposed to trump what sort of hate, and in what way.   But, the protester wasn’t mistreated, wasn’t treated badly, nor did people seem to mind his presence.  One of the speakers  publicly recognized the protester and expressed admiration for his showing up.  Photo- David, Ginger and Raphael Wall at Trump Rally – with Love Trumps Hate Guy

trump rally


Here’s an article on the rally, with a video.  My sons and niece appear right near the beginning, brandishing Trump signs.  My niece was interviewed at the rally and excerpts of her interview appear three times.   At other times thoughout the short video, my sons and very briefly, yours truly, are visible.

It was fun. And, my son David made a tidy profit selling Trump hats he’d purchased online.  David Wall, Trump Rally March 25

maga rally


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Allan on April 19th, 2017

Mexico has a presidential election scheduled for 2018.   The prospective candidate who is ahead in the polls is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who was the runner-up in the past two presidential elections.  This time AMLO might win.

AMLO has recently been delivering speeches in the United States, to defend Mexican illegal aliens and make alliances within the U.S. political system.

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published April 17th, 2017, on VDARE.COM.

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An aquatic animal known as the vaquita, which only exists in one small area of Mexico, is on the verge of extinction.  In fact, it may be down to about thirty individuals or less.

Can it still be saved?

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published April 10th, 2017, on Mexidata.

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Something historic is afoot across the pond, as, for the first time ever, a member state of the European Union is withdrawing from the European Union.

It came in the form of a letter sent from UK Prime Minister Theresa May, which was  hand delivered  by diplomat Sir Tim Barrow  to  European Council President Donald Tusk (not Donald Trump) in Brussels.

It’s the Article 50 process – withdrawal from the EU.

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published April 7th, 2017, on News with Views.

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A new bill in the Senate, S. 354 would actually end chain migration and cut legal immigration.

For the entire article, click, here.

Article by Allan Wall, published April 4th, 2017, on VDARE.COM.

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Folks in the median and politics are going on about supposed Russian interference in the election.  How about the Mexican meddling that has been going on for decades?

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published April 4th, 2017 on VDARE.COM.

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Allan on April 4th, 2017

Rusell Moore is president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and provoked a sort of rebellion in the largest Protestant denomination in the country.

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Article by Allan Wall, published March 27th, 2017, in VDARE.COM.



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The latest Said in Spanish installment includes:
1. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray
2. Milo Yiannopoulos
3. Geronimo Gutierrez, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.
4. Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera
5. Mexican Actor Diego Luna
6. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas
7. Margarita Zavala
8. Fher Olvera of the Mana band
9. Mexican Criticism in the United Nations
10. Film Festival in Guadalajara

To read the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published March 16th, 2017, on VDARE.COM.

NOTE: The title of the article, as published on VDARE.COM is
Mexico Decides Its Immigration Policy Unlike America; Memo to Milo – Pedophilia OK in Mexico; Etc.
I actually did not write that part of the title. Of course, pedophilia is not “ok” in Mexico nor anywhere else and I would not tell Milo that it is. Furthermore, what Milo was talking about was apparently not pedophilia but homosexual hebephilia.   The point of the segment was that if the Mexican age of consent is 12 years of age, then what Milo was talking about is legal in Mexico.
I still don’t believe it’s right, but the point is that it would be legal in Mexico and the Mexican article didn’t point that out.


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John Tanton, a Michigan ophthalmologist, was a pioneer of the current immigration restrictionist movement, and is a true example of what a committed and concerned American out in Flyover Country can do.

To the Open Borders crowd, of course, Tanton is an evil genius.

Univision, the Hispanicization propaganda network, has discovered John Tanton, so you can guess how they view him.

For the full blog entry, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published March 24th, 2017, on VDARE.COM.

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The consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft compiled a Crime Rate Index for calendar year 2016, and Mexico is ranked the third most dangerous country in the world.  The list was released in December of 2016.

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published March 20th, 2017, on Mexidata.info.

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