Allan on May 20th, 2015

Scott Walker visited Capitol Hill, meeting with members of Congress and leading Republicans.   in these meetings, Walker impressed people.  But how is Walker going to be on immigration?  Is Walker reliable?

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published May 20th, 2015 on VDARE.COM.

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Jeb Bush has still not officially announced his candidacy but it’s obvious he’s a candidate.   Jeb recently made a trip to Puerto Rico where he involved himself in the debate over the island’s future.  Jeb supports Puerto Rican statehood.

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Article by Allan Wall, published on May 14th, 2015 on VDARE.COM.

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Among the necessary immigration reforms our country needs is to close up the anchor baby loophole. This is the insane policy wherein the children of illegal aliens are granted automatic citizenship.   It’s a bad policy which ought to be changed as soon as possible.

There is a bill in each chamber of Congress to close the loophole, and there was recently a hearing in the House Immigration Subcommittee on the topic.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published on VDARE.COM, May 9th, 2015.

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Since the Bible never endorses an amnesty for illegal aliens, saying that it does requires some – how shall we say? – creative hermeneutics.   But open boosters don’t shy away from doing so.

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference held a conference in Houston, and guess what, amnesty was on the agenda.  Even a famous de facto presidential candidate (who is now Catholic) showed up to talk about our “broken immigration system”, an expression typically used by amnesty supporters.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published May 3rd, 2015, on VDARE.COM.

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On April 28th,2015, the U.S. Supreme Court heard  arguments on the controversial topic of same-sex marriage. This could result in the radical innovation of gay marriage being forced upon the entire United States, including those states which have not yet been forced to accept it.

There are actually five cases to be heard, and they have all been combined into one case.   They originate from the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.   All four states are under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal. In all these cases, the Sixth Circuit Court upheld bans on gay marriages in the states under its jurisdictions.

Now, however, the cases are all out of the hands of the Sixth Circuit. These cases are all before the Supreme Court . If the court rules in favor of same-sex marriage, then it will become the law of the land in the entire United States of America.

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Article by Allan Wall, published on News with Views, April 30th, 2015.

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There’s an election going on in Mexico City, and this time it’s not for the city or national government, but to select a name for a giraffe calf born at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo.

The male giraffe calf was born on April 19th, 2015, weighing at birth nearly 50 kilograms (that’s 110 pounds for those of us who think in traditional English weights and measures).

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Article published on, April 27th, 2015.

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Among our political/media elite, to question legal immigration is a big taboo.   A few politicians are questioning it, however.

Recently De Facto Candidate Scott Walker began to question legal immigration.

Candidate Ted Cruz, however, refuses to question it.

I hope that as time goes by, more people will question it.   Legal immigration as a policy needs to be questioned.

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Blog entry published on April 25th, 2015, on VDARE.COM.

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Allan on April 21st, 2015

The use of the English language has been a great asset in maintaining the unity of the United States.  Now, however, the use of the Spanish language as a political language in the United States is increasing, contributing to the balkanization of the electorate.

At least if politicians are lying or distorting their record in one language, you can keep up with it better.  But if they are using two (or more languages) it gets more complicated.

Also, if they say something controversial they can use the “mistranslation” excuse.

Candidate Marco Rubio was interviewed by Jorge Ramos on Univision.  Here are two blog entries and an article about this interview and the discussion over it:

1.   Candidate Marco Rubio Tells Jorge Ramos, in Spanish, That Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Is A Good Thing and Should Be Part of Permanent Amnesty Solution   (April 18th, 2015)  Click here to read blog entry.

2.   Univision Audio Teaser Distorts Marco Rubio’s Position, Making Him Seem Less Pro-Amnesty Than He Is  (April  19th, 2015)   Click here to read blog entry.

3.  Rubio, Univision And Amnesty – Mistranslation Or Misdirection?  (April 20th, 2015)  Click here to read article.

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Allan on April 18th, 2015

I found the  recent news that likely 2016 GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush registered to vote  in 2009  as “Hispanic” unsurprising.    After all, Jeb just seems to identify with the Hispanic community more than the historic American nation that built this country.

Therefore, it doesn’t seem unlikely that Jeb would have registered as “Hispanic”.

Not only that, but isn’t the whole “Hispanic” identity, as it exists   in the United States,  a sort of make-it-up-as-you- go- along enterprise?   It’s not an organic race, but rather an official ethnic classification which has been rigged  to include as many people as possible and maintain their separateness from traditional  mainstream America.

As the U.S. becomes Hispanicized, it’s likely that more and more Americans will assimiliate to the Hispanic culture, thus hastening the transformation of the U.S.A. to a Latin American country.

For now anyway, we have the examples of politicians Jeb Bush and Mike Coffman

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Article by Allan Wall, published on VDARE.COM, April 16th, 2015.


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Allan on April 12th, 2015

An ambitious 12-part miniseries entitled A.D.: The Bible Continues began its broadcast on Easter.    I saw the first episode and am interested in seeing more of it.

Nowadays, discussion of the race (or perceived race) of actors  cast in Bible movies is de rigueur.  The recent Moses movie generated some discussion of that topic.    And the producers of  the  A.D.  miniseries  have spoken about how they handled the casting of the miniseries, race-wise.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published on VDARE.COM, April 8th, 2015.

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